Omnitech Innovations partners with AWEsome Numbers


SAINTE-JULIE, February 16th, 2017 – Omnitech Innovations, a reference on the North-American market for laboratory compliance and optimization software solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with  AWEsome Numbers, the manufacturer of a new disruptive Quality Control risk management solution.


“With labs moving from volume-based to value-based reimbursement, survival of our customers depends on their ability to limit and reduce costs, while improving their quality and efficiency. This partnership is extremely strategic as it increases our lab optimization solution offer and consolidates Omnitech Innovations’ position as a leader”, explains Sebastien St-Jean, President and CEO of Omnitech Innovations. 


All laboratories using Omnitech Innovations’ software, the Omni-Assistant, benefit from a complete set of innovative optimization tools, among which:


-  Quality Optimization: by sharing best practices to limit nonconformity events occurrence, labs can significantly reduce costs incurred by poor quality.

-  Optimization of the laboratory inventory: reducing losses by as much as 60%.

-  Pathology expert tools allowing the elimination of dictation, the elimination of delays in the release of results, and the reduction of errors.

-  And, with this new partnership, mathematically optimized QC to remove up to 90% of human errors from QC while significantly reducing risks and costs.


“Quality control is extremely important, complicated and expensive in medical laboratories and healthcare organizations. The evolution of quality control to ISO-based risk management brings both new challenges and new opportunities. Our Mathematically Optimized Risk Evaluation (M.O.R.E.) quality software uses the new requirement for ‘acceptable risk criteria’ in terms of patient harm and cost to auto-evaluate acceptable quality and deliver a customized quality control process for each QC sample. Our partnership with Omnitech Innovations positions us as a key provider of quality control and risk management metrics and visualizations“, mentions Zoe Brooks, CEO of AWEsome Numbers.  



About AWEsome Numbers

AWEsome Numbers Inc. is a Canadian company with a big dream – to significantly reduce medical laboratory errors by revolutionizing and standardizing the practice of medical clinical laboratory quality control processes. Co-founded in 2008, AWEsome Numbers has created new processes and proprietary software that improve the reliability of patient laboratory results, thus reducing laboratory errors and all the pain and costs they incur, including patient risk.



About Omnitech Innovations

Founded in 2007, Omnitech Innovations provides highly specialized software solutions, designed and developed to improve the compliance and optimization of clinical departments (laboratory, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, etc.). Headquartered in Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Omnitech Innovations is present throughout North America, with over 100,000 healthcare professionals using its Omni-Assistant software.


Omnitech Innovations markets its software solutions under three brands:


In Québec: OI-Santé (

Elsewhere in Canada: Omnitech Health (

In the United States: AP-NEXT (

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Omnitech Innovations inc.

Sébastien St-Jean

President and CEO

(450) 388-3406, extension 201


AWEsome Numbers Inc.

Zoe Brooks

Co-founder and CEO

(705) 665-2249



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